Where to Find

Isomaltulose occurs naturally in small quantities in honey or sugar cane juice. And it is also used as food ingredient and functional carbohydrate in essentially all types of foods and drinks. Isomaltulose replaces sugars or maltodextrins in those for the benefit to offer consumers an improved energy supply to their body and brain. Here are some product categories where you can find it:

    • Every-day foods and drinks like for instance breakfast cereals, cereal bars, bagels, cookies and other baked goods, confectionery, dairy drinks, or fruit-juice and water-based beverages contain the slow release sugar isomaltulose for its steady and sustained energy supply and low blood sugar effect. A wide variety of such foods with slow release carbohydrate energy help people to make their food choices for a good start into the day, and to manage their energy supply and blood sugar levels for a healthy and active life. And it provides food choices for the dietary management of those who need to care for their blood sugar levels for reasons to prevent diabetes mellitus or manage the disease. Also toothfriendly drinks and confectionery can be found with isomaltulose.


    • Sports drinks, pouches and other sports nutrition use isomaltulose as carbohydrate that delivers steady energy for endurance. Such products help sports people on professional or amateur level or in recreational sports to manage their carb resources for training and performance or during work-out.


    • Baby food and maternal nutrition contain the slow release carbohydrate isomaltulose for its low blood sugar effect and its more balanced supply of carbohydrate energy. Maternal nutrition products with low glycemic effect help pregnant women stabilize their blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Keeping those low has benefits for both, herself for a lower diabetes risk, and for the outcome of her child. Keeping blood sugar levels low during infancy and childhood is equally important for healthy development and aging. While baby nutrition often contains high GI carbohydrates, milk formulas with isomaltulose can reduce blood sugar levels and create a metabolic profile closer to that of mother milk. Isomaltulose is also used in toothfriendly instant teas for babys and small children, which can easily be prepared on the go.


    • Meal replacement products and other foods for weight control contain isomaltulose for its improved energy supply. Looking beyond calorie counting as such: A smart carbohydrate formulation with isomaltulose allows for steady energy supply and steers the metabolism towards fat burning, which can further support weight management and weight loss goals.


    • Clinical nutrition products with isomaltulose include oral nutritional supplements (sip feed products) as well as tube feeds for enteral nutrition. Isomaltulose is used in these products for its slow energy release and low blood sugar effect. Such products help to feed formula nutrition to people with blood sugar impairments and/or diabetes and help to better control their blood sugar levels.


This list is not exclusive. Many more products and product categories contain isomaltulose, be it for its nutrition benefits or for technical purposes. The ingredient list will help to find those. Some products also show an icon for the different blood sugar re energy supply with isomaltulose vs sugar.