What is Isomaltulose?

Isomaltulose is a fully digestible, slow-release carbohydrate, which offers a slower, lower, and sustained rise in blood glucose. With its low blood glucose profile, isomaltulose offers a variety of health benefits for all individuals with varying lifestyles and nutritional needs.


Isomaltulose has a unique combination of physiological properties, which distinguish it from sucrose and other traditional sugars.

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Isomaltulose was discovered and first described by Weidenhagen and colleagues in the premises of a large sugar production site of SUEDZUCKER in the Palatinum area of Germany. The brand name Palatinose™, under which it is commercially marketed today, still makes reference to this origin.

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Where to Find

Isomaltulose occurs naturally in small quantities in honey or sugar cane juice. And it is also used as food ingredient and functional carbohydrate in essentially all types of foods and drinks. Isomaltulose replaces sugars or maltodextrins in those for the benefit to offer consumers an improved energy supply to their body and brain.

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