Weight Management

Isomaltulose Helps Manage Your Weight

While weight management is primarily dependent on the balance between caloric intake and caloric expenditure, it is important to recognize alternate elements that can also have an influence. One significant factor is the potential to steer the metabolism towards the fat-burning process. With its slow release of energy and lower rise in blood glucose and insulin, isomaltulose can help drive the metabolism towards higher fat burning and ultimately support weight management and body composition.

Health Conscious Eaters

Health-conscious individuals seek resources that help them stay in good physical shape. In order to continuously meet this goal, it is particularly important to maintain a balanced carbohydrate energy supply and low insulin levels. Isomaltulose helps support an ongoing healthy lifestyle by offering a more steady and balanced supply of energy. With low insulin levels and a higher fat burning rate, this slow-release carb has a positive influence on body composition and weight.

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Weight Loss Dieters

For individuals watching their weight, calorie-counting is a common practice to achieve their objectives. While calorie intake does have an important role in weight loss, there are additional factors involved. In addition to elements such as satiety and energy density, there is also the potential to steer the metabolism towards the fat-burning process.

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People with Health Issues

When diagnosed with a certain health condition, a doctor might recommend weight loss as a means to halt progression and prevent any further development. A common practice is its treatment of insulin resistance, and to hinder the development of diabetes mellitus. In these cases, meal placement products can be utilized to support weight loss. Formulated to provide all relevant nutrients with limited calories, the type of carbohydrate makes a difference too. Since isomaltulose steers the metabolism towards fat burning and supports weight loss beyond calorie counting, it can balance energy supply with a meal replacement for weight control.

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Storage Hormone Insulin

Insulin is a hormone produced in the beta-cells of the pancreatic islet cells. It serves as the body’s key hormone to normalize blood levels of glucose and other nutrients after food intake i.e. it has the ability to reduce blood glucose concentrations. And furthermore, it plays an instrumental role in the metabolic regulation after food intake, by steering the storage of nutrients and energy.

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Body Fat and Insulin Resistance

While overweight conditions and obesity are health concerns on their own, increased body weight and related increase in body fat, and here in particular organ fat, is also a risk factor for the development of insulin resistance and related metabolic diseases.

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