Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and Related Diseases

Blood sugar management is of relevance for a healthy development at all stages of life, but it’s particularly important for individuals with prediabetic or diabetic conditions. When those require clinical nutrition, disease-specific formulas to maintain blood glucose control come into play. Cases of diabetes mellitus are continuing to rise, and this leads to an increase in patients needing such specific clinical nutrition formulas.

With its low-glycemic index, isomaltulose is used as carbohydrate in such products for oral intake (sip feed) and in enteral nutrition tube feeds. Research has linked formulas containing isomaltulose to a lower blood glucose response and respective improvements in blood glucose control.

Suitability of isomaltulose for oral & enteral nutrition

Clinical nutrition or so-called foods for special medical purposes (FSMP) serve the purpose to treat or prevent deficiencies in energy or nutrient supply, and to provide appropriate balanced nutrition to a person, until he can resume to the normal diet. Consumed under the supervision of healthcare professionals, such products can either supplement or replace the diet entirely. They can be taken as drinks or shakes or, where patients are unable to consume foods, they may be administered via a feeding tube.

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