Blood Sugar
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A natural constituent of honey

This golden liquid made by honey bees has been used to sweeten foods long before sugar was known. And it has been associated with many good properties. Saturated with carbohydrates and sugars, it also contains isomaltulose, a slow release sugar with physiological properties that make it attractive to look for.

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Slow release carbohydrate

Isomaltulose is a carbohydrate with slow release properties. Unlike typical sugars, it delivers carbohydrate energy in a more balanced and sustained way, without the high blood sugar spikes known from ‘fast’ carbohydrates. What benefits this can have, beyond counting calories, for energy management, individual performance and long-term health is astonishing and shows: Isomaltulose is not a typical sugar.

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Product categories

Isomaltulose can be found in a wide variety of foods and drinks. Examples include every-day foods like breakfast cereals and cereal bars, bagels, cookies and other baked goods, dairy drinks, fruit juice and water-based drinks, as well as sports nutrition products, baby food and maternal nutrition, meal replacement products or clinical nutrition. In many products, the slow release carbohydrate isomaltulose replaces others sugars or maltodextrins for its sustained energy supply or low blood sugar effect. Also toothfriendly products have been made with isomaltulose.

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