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A natural constituent of honey

This golden liquid made by honey bees has been used to sweeten foods long before sugar was known. And it has been associated with many good properties. Saturated with carbohydrates and sugars, it also contains isomaltulose, a slow release sugar with physiological properties that make it attractive to look for.

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Slow release carbohydrate

Isomaltulose is a carbohydrate with slow release properties. Unlike typical sugars, it delivers carbohydrate energy in a more balanced and sustained way, without the high blood sugar spikes known from ‘fast’ carbohydrates. What benefits this can have, beyond counting calories, for energy management, individual performance and long-term health is astonishing and shows: Isomaltulose is not a typical sugar.

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Product categories

Isomaltulose can be found in a wide variety of foods and drinks. Examples include every-day foods like breakfast cereals and cereal bars, bagels, cookies and other baked goods, dairy drinks, fruit juice and water-based drinks, as well as sports nutrition products, baby food and maternal nutrition, meal replacement products or clinical nutrition. In many products, the slow release carbohydrate isomaltulose replaces others sugars or maltodextrins for its sustained energy supply or low blood sugar effect. Also toothfriendly products have been made with isomaltulose.

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News about Isomaltulose


Low, sustained and slow: A smart strategy for choosing quality carbs

This recorded webinar with Mindy Hermann MBA, RDN offers an excellent opportunity to learn about isomaltulose, its unique health benefits and how it fits into the spectrum of carbohydrates. The webinar was hosted by Today’s Dietitian for one year and it is now available in open access. You can view it following this link.

How blood sugar can work against your exercise goals

A publication in Nature Metabolism provides some insight into why some of us feel less benefit from exercise. MacDonald and his research team observed in a set of animal and human studies that consistently high blood sugar levels prevent an improvement in fitness. The good news is that with time, more exercise – and a healthy diet – blood sugar can be stabilised and endurance will be enhanced. Click here for more information.  Read the full publication here.

Webinar: Beyond the advice to eat well and stay active

This US accredited Healthy Ageing webinar with Chris Rosenbloom PhD, RDN, FAND, was held in September 2021 and highlights research on the use of functional ingredients such as isomaltulose to lower blood glucose levels and improve health outcomes. Also the link to immunity is covered. The webinar is available for 1 year on the Today’s Dietitian website here

Isomaltulose enhances the secretion of the incretin GLP-1 in overweight adults

A recent study led by Prof. Andreas Pfeiffer shows that isomaltulose stimulates the release of the beneficial gut hormones GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) and PYY (peptide YY) in overweight adults. This effect persists even when isomaltulose intake is followed by a complex meal one hour later. The study data confirm the beneficial effects of isomaltulose on incretins and other metabolic parameters that contribute to the maintenance of a healthy body weight, blood glucose control and cardiovascular health. Click here for  more infomration. The full publication is available here.

High blood sugar weakens immune health

It was known already before COVID-19 that high blood sugar levels alter the innate immune response to infections. Previous viral pandemics showed that diabetes worsened the progress of viral infections resulting in higher mortality rates. Read here about further findings from the COVID-19 pandemic regarding the impact of high blood sugar on immune health.

Isomaltulose can support hydration during exercise and recovery in a hot environment

Several studies from Japanese researchers confirm that drinks with isomaltulose are just as good as drinks with sucrose for temperature regulation during exercise in a hot environment. In contrast, isomaltulose even seems to enhance hydration during and after exercise. Click here  for more details.